CommzGate for Private Cloud

CommzGate for Private Cloud lets you operate your own SMS messaging system using GSM modems and SIM cards. Installed within a private Cloud instance or on conventional physical servers , CommzGate gives you total data privacy and control, while providing a web-based user interface for easy usage. HTTP APIs allows for easy application integration using any modern programming language.

Once installed, management and usage of the software is via standard web-browser.

This allows you to deploy the server on a remote server and then login remotely from anywhere on the Internet using a Web browser.

The administrator Dashboard is the starting point for administering your COMMZGATE Server. Use the top menu to navigate the various options.

The Dashboard also shows a summary of your Modem and GSM network connectivity status.

Configuration options for COMMZGATE server are comprehensive.

Most possible parameters can be fine-tuned here, including sending speeds and retry settings for each individual modem device.

All messages sent and received via the server are logged.

All data can be exported via the browser into a tab-delimited flat file as well.

Have co-workers use the Web Messenger and Email-SMS via their own dedicated login account.

You will be able to control the number of messages they can use over a defined time period, and review their usage as well.

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