On-Premise Control, Stable and Versatile

CommzGate ONE (CG-ONE) is a palm-sized appliance hardware designed to solve specific IT challenges using SMS messaging while offering data privacy and control that can't be offered by cloud-based SMS service providers.

Small yet powerful, use CG-ONE as:

code HTTP API for sending SMS messages and alerts:

Use the integrated HTTP-based API to send SMS messages. API is designed for integration with minimal effort.

fingerprint One-Time Password (OTP) SMS Generator:

Send One-Time Passwords (for Two-Factor Authentication) using SMS using the integrated API

computer Multi-user Portal for SMS broadcasts:

The integrated Web Portal login allows you or your team to to send SMS broadcasts easily.

textsms SMS to Application-URL trigger:

Configure incoming SMS commands to execute a URL-based script to for example, query a database, or activate a registration.

storage Network Monitor with SMS alerts:

Monitor services on your network without dependencies on the network itself as the alerts are sent via SMS.



CommzGate CG-ONE blinking

CG-ONE Appliance
125mm by 98mm by 25mm
5V DC Power Supply
32GB onboard Flash-based Storage

CommzGate CG-ONE blinking External hot-pluggable 3G USB
125mm by 98mm by 25mm
*SIM card not included. SMS usage charges dependant on your SIM card provider.


https  Control where your messaging data goes

When you send SMS messages via a cloud service, your contact and message data is exposed to a third-party.
By using SIM-cards, there is no other intermediary between you and the Mobile Operator.

stars  Works out-of-the Box

You can get CG-ONE working within 5 minutes of plugging in the power supply, even without a local area network.

business  Proven Stability

CG-ONE is battle-tested with demanding end-users at global corporations and government.

accessibility  Fanatical Support

We built this product and scratch and support it like it's our baby.

done  Friendly Price Point

We worked hard to make sure you will find an edition that meets your requirements and budget.


CG-ONE runs the battle-hardened CommzGate Enterprise SMS-OS deployed worldwide since 2001.

Deployment & Installation
  • Zero installation, 5-minute setup
    • Standalone operation via Wifi AP mode
    • Or run in network-mode by plugging in to local network
Multi-user Portal
  • Web Messenger for SMS broadcast
  • Web-based Address Book, with support for CSV file upload
  • Comprehensive grouping features for Address Book
  • Drag and Drop recipient selection for Broadcast
  • Detailed and searchable message history
  • Configurable message templates for frequent re-use
  • Create multiple sub-accounts for access by team users
(Download API Guide)
  • Messaging API for sending, receiving, scheduling and checking message status
  • Contacts API for managing recipient lists.
  • Configure API access rules based on authentication token and/or originating IP address
SMS to Application-URL trigger
  • Route incoming SMS messages to an application URL with parameters extracted from message content
  • Hot-pluggable 3G USB modem with 8 per minute throughput per modem (SIM card not included)
  • Expandable to use up to 4 modems (Plus Edition only)
  • Configure modem speed, send/receive ratio and time-outs
  • Configure message retry parameters
  • Detailed message logs for sent and received messages
  • Configure polling intervals for various processes
  • Assign message credit limit for sub-account users
  • Configure server auto-reply message
  • Configure sleep/wake (blackout) time periods for individual queues
  • Configure IP address and static route when in network mode
  • Easy software updates
Message Routing
  • Configurable Message Priorities
  • Route outgoing messages via specified modem device based on mobile country-code and number prefix
  • Assign processing priority of outgoing messages based on mobile country-code and number prefix
  • Assign processing priority of outgoing messages based on selected message queues
  • Configure Priority Weighting between Queues as Absolute or Weighted Round Robin
Messaging Features
  • Support for very long concatenated messages
  • Support for multilingual messages
Network Monitor
  • Built-in Network Monitor feature allows you to monitor multiple IP addresses and TCP ports and receive SMS alerts upon state change.
  • Option to setup Redundancy with real-time data replication (CG-RACK version only)

Featured Users

CG-ONE is deployed by various large corporations and government agencies including the Central Narcotics Bureau, Ministry of Home Affairs, National Library Board and the Maritime and Port Authority in Singapore.

CG-ONE Customers


Can I access CG-ONE with Windows 10 or an Apple iPad?

Access to CG-ONE depends only on a standard Web Browser. This means that you can operate CG-ONE via Windows, Linux or a Android or Apple tablet.

Will I be charged for SMS usage costs?

This is dependent only on the SIM card that your insert into the CG-ONE 3G modem. SMS usage charges are dependent on the SIM card provider that you purchase your SIM card from. Ask us about our Enterprise SIM cards where there is no throttle on usage limits unlike consumer SIM cards.

What is the SMS broadcast throughput?

Each 3G USB modem can process about 7 SMS message parts per minute. For the CG-ONE Plus version, you can operate 4 modems concurrently to scale the throughput 4 times faster.

How can I programatically monitor CG-ONE?

We have included a Server Health API for you to monitor CG-ONE programatically. Refer to the API Guide for details.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do! We will ship to anywhere FEDEX or UPS can deliver.

Enterprise SIM cards with no usage throttle restrictions

Consumer SIM cards comes with a fair usage policy which shuts down message sending if usage exceeds the agreed limit. Use our Enterprise SIM cards for peace-of-mind and added reliability.

Multi-SIM capable

Custom usage tiers for best pricing

Business-level Support included

Need more power? We can custom-make the perfect system for you.

The CG-RACK series can run up to 7 SIM cards concurrently in a 1U rack-mountable form-factor.
Enterprise-level features include:

High-Availability configuration with real-time data sync

Increased message throughput and up-sized storage capacity

Optional Dual Redundant-Power Supply and additional network ports

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