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Send 2FA and Alerts direct to your own mobile app via Push

Dramatically reduce SMS cost by utilising our library for iOS and Android apps.

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If you are spending a large recurring sum on SMS 2FA and internal system alerts, start saving cost now without changing your workflow. Simply install our MACH library into your mobile app. MACH is pre-integrated to Apple's Push Network and Google's Cloud Messaging service and will deliver the same messages to the your recipient mobile numbers as a Push message instead of SMS.

How it works

MACH Push Messaging
  1. Get an account on the MACH Developer Portal
  2. Call the MACH registration API each time your mobile app starts up. This lets the MACH service register each of your installed app with Apple or Google's Push Network and get ready to initiate Push Notifications. The MACH portal will also start displaying basic analytic data for tracking your app's User base.
  3. Start sending Push Notifications to your user base. You can do this easily using the MACH web portal's Broadcast feature, or you can automate Push Notification sending using the MACH API.

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Dedicated Capacity Option available

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Why is Push Notification important for my mobile app?

Push Notification is a great way to alert your users about new events or updates happening with your app or service. If your app has news-related content, then Push Notification is an indispensable method of alerting your users on breaking news

Where is your service hosted?

We run MACH on Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud across a few geographical regions. Running on Amazon enables us to provide our end-users with almost unlimited processing capacity available at a moment's notice. For customers who have specific compliance requirements, in addition to our dedicated server hardware farm in our Singapore datacenter.

Can't I integrate to Apple and Google on my own?

Yes you can. However, you will have to learn Apple and Google's technical protocols separately from scratch, and also implement a few other non-trivial items such as hosting a Push Notification server, processing feedback loop info on invalid push tokens, keeping message logs and so on. You can find these all these feature already built into MACH, plus the HTTP API is extremely easy, they are basically HTTP requests sent with parameter and value pairs. MACH is also extensively tested and monitored to ensure you have a reliable platform to count on.

Tell me more about the Free Plan.

MACH's Free Plan is 100% free to use and contains almost all the features found in our Premium Plan. However, your message sending throughput is throttled and you may see some ads from our sponsors when you login to the MACH Web Portal. See here for more details!

I have more questions, what can I do?

Send us an email, we'll get back to you asap!

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