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Lowest Cost SMS

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Lowest SMS rates

Broadcast Portal

Option to upgrade to Go Plus Post-Paid



Guaranteed Delivery

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Data guaranteed to reside in Singapore

Send & Receive SMS via Portal and API

Premium Reserved Capacity

Intelligent OTP API


CommzGate GO


CommzGate GO offers low-cost SMS that us great for marketing broadcasts and provides you with great savings.

(Please choose T1 Plan if guaranteed delivery is required)

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SMS Pre-Paid Packages for GO Plan

Package No. of Credits Package Price Cost Per Message
Light 1,000 S$40 S$0.040
Medium 5,000 S$190 S$0.038
Mega 100,000 S$3,600 S$0.036 Lowest Price!
For even higher volume purchase, please contact our team for bulk pricing information.

CommzGate T1

For Guaranteed SMS Delivery

Tier-1 Zero-Hop connectivity for serious enterprise-level performance. You get access to our premium reserved capacity plus our Intelligent API for OTP and 2FA SMS.

With CommzGate T1 plan, your Data is guaranteed to be hosted in Singapore. Our service is fully licensed by IMDA.

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SMS Pre-Paid Packages for T1 Plan

*Postpaid Plans enjoy further discounted per SMS pricing

Package No. of Credits Package Price Cost Per Message
Light 1,000 S$75 S$0.075
Medium Save 6% 5,000 S$350 S$0.070
Mega Save 9% 10,000 S$680 S$0.068
Giga Save 20% 100,000 S$6,000 S$0.060
For even higher volume purchase, please contact our team for bulk pricing information.

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Find the plan with the right features for your needs

GO Plus
T1 Plus
Broadcast SMS (Portal + API)
Receive SMS (Portal + API)
Portal only
SMS SenderID (Number Masking)
Access to Intelligent 2FA/OTP API
Access to Premium Reserved Capacity
VIP access to reserved API end-point
Option for leased-lined access to API
Admin Account with Sub-User Accounts
99.95% Service Level Agreement
Support Level Provided (Phone + Email)
Email Only
Office Hours Phone
Office Hours Phone
24/7 Hotline
Advanced Options
8-Digit Long Code
Integration Support
Dedicated Shortcode
*Additional charges apply.

Some Common Questions Asked

How do the pre-paid SMS packages work?

For services plans on pre-paid credits, users get to use as many SMS as stated in the package they have paid for.

If you prefer post-paid plans, ask about our Go Plus and T1 Plus plans that bill users based on the number of SMS used a month.

Is there an expiry or time limit for pre-paid credits?

No. There is no expiry nor time limit for the usage of any pre-paid credits purchased.

How many pre-paid credits does 1 SMS cost?

Each SMS sent to a Singapore number cost 1 credit. Overseas numbers would cost 3 credits for T1 Plan and 5 credits for GO Plan).

What is SMS SenderID (Number Mask) and how can I use it?

SMS SenderID or Number Mask allows you to set the sending name that appears in an SMS message (eg. ACME instead of 73333, limited to 11 characters). Please note that registration with the Singapore SenderID Registry is required before you can start using this feature.

They are some questions I like to ask but is not addressed in this Q&A. Is there someone I can approach to address those queries?

Yes, please do email us!

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