Dramatically reduce SMS messaging cost for 2FA, OTP and Alerts

Our PushBox mobile app links with standard mobile numbers, enabling you to transit your SMS alerts and SMS OTP messages to a push-notification channel that cost only a fraction of standard SMS fees.

CG PushBox - Receive instant Push Messages sent from Cloud SMS
CommzGate PushBox App

CG PushBox

CG PushBox is built on the MACH Push-Messaging platform to leverage on smartphone Push Notifications. It is designed for businesses to reduce their SMS cost and protect their data.

Thousands of users already use CommzGate for mission-critical alerts, customer notifications, booking confirmations, dispatch services, logistics tracking, event reminders, and many more applications.

Download now for iOS or Android.

CommzGate PushBox App for iPhone
CommzGate PushBox App for Android

Never miss an alert

If you need to send automated system alerts, CG PushBox is perfect for your co-workers to receive such alerts in real-time and at no cost.

Our CloudAPI allows you to integrate most monitoring systems or custom applications easily to trigger alerts via PushBox.

CG PushBox - Receive instant Push Messages sent from Cloud SMS

Mobilize your business

With CG PushBox + Cloud SMS, you can send:

  • 2FA or OTP messages
  • Emergency notifications with acknowledgements for Business Continuity Management
  • Integrated system alerts to your smartphone
  • Internal company broadcasts
  • Confirmation messages
  • Team notifications
  • Instant updates
  • Scheduled reminders

Beyond reducing SMS volume usage and cost, CG PushBox also includes the following benefits.

  • No international SMS charges
  • Get instant notifications even when overseas (using 3G or WiFi when available)
  • Retrieve inbox messages stored once you get online, even if you've missed the initial notifications while offline.
  • Access & export your broadcast data reports & logs (with Cloud SMS)
You can also integrate your own mobile app to our Push Network using MACH

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