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In this age of notification-fatigue, critical messages needs to get delivered by all means possible. Alert12 is cloud-based multi-channel communication system for engaging a large number of co-workers urgently and capturing their real-time status in an emergency situation. All possible communication channels are utilised in a recurring pattern until a response is received.

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Easy configuration of message, recipient and escalation workflow store as templates allows for One-Click Activation of multi-channel messages in a crisis situation.

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The appropriate communication channel, pattern and repetition behaviour can be configured depending on the urgency of each stage or scenario.

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"Advanced Mode" allow you configure and capture multiple-choice responses from your recipients, to let you know their real-time status during an emergency.

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Our "Click-to-Ack" is an unique feature allows for SMS recipients to quickly and easily respond to your broadcast message, by clicking on a URL short-link that is unique to your broadcast message.

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Your text message content is automatically converted into voice calls using our high-performance text-to-speech platform. Recipients who miss your critical text messages will be contacted via a phone call and have the message read to them, with prompts to respond using the phone's numeric keypad.

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Reports are detailed and provides breakdown on who has responded within "snapshot" timeframes. You can also export response data as a CSV file for offline analysis.

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With no software installation necessary, you are ready to go from any terminal or mobile devices.

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We ISO-27001 (Information Security) certified, providing assurance that your data is safe on our platform.

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