CommzGate Cloud API

Simple and Secure 2-way Cloud API

Our Cloud API is designed such that novice programmers will have no difficulty using it, yet providing extremely high service up-time and rapid performance. You can use any modern programming language to use our API, including PHP, .NET and Java.

Assured API Throughout

Made possible by the very high capacity of our Cloud, we are able to assure you a minimum message submission throughput orginating from your application.

2-way capable SMS

Using 5-digit shortcodes configured on each Telco's SMSC, we are able to provide 2-way SMS via our API. This is crucial if your application requires interactivity with the mobile user.

SMS One-Time Passwords

Our One-Time Password feature enables easy implementation of one-time SMS passwords for your website or online service.

Long Message Auto-Concatenation

A standard SMS message is limited to 160 (GSM ASCII) characters in length. Our API allows you to send messages longer than 160 characters but still deliver the long message as a single SMS.

Auto-routing as Smartphone Push

If you have your mobile app integrated to our Cloud, we will automatically recognise that a mobile number has your mobile app installed and will route the message as a Push notification instead of SMS, allowing you cost savings on SMS. (Push messaging via our Cloud is free!)

Multi-lingual Capable

Send messages in almost any known language in the world (using Unicode).

Download the CommzGate Cloud SMS API Guide to view the full details.

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