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Run CommzGate Enterprise on your own servers or private Cloud

CommzGate Enterprise lets you operate your own SMS messaging system using GSM modems and SIM cards. Installed within a private Cloud instance or on conventional physical servers , CommzGate gives you total data privacy and control, while providing a web-based user interface for easy usage. HTTP APIs allows for easy application integration using any modern programming language.

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CommzGate Enterprise Features

Feature Type Details
Deployment & Installation
  • Cross-Platform deployment for
    • Windows XP to Windows 7, Windows 200 Server and higher
    • RedHat Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu (Kernel 2.6)
User Features
  • Web Messenger for message broadcast
  • Web-based Address Book, with support for CSV file upload
  • Comprehensive grouping features for Web-based Address Book
  • Drag and Drop recipient selection
  • Google Mail integration: Forward incoming email to mobile device as SMS
  • Configurable message templates for frequent re-use
  • Messaging API for sending, receiving, scheduling and checking message status
  • Non-Messaging API for managing recipient lists.
  • Configure API access rules based on authentication token and/or originating IP address
MO Processor
  • Forward incoming messages to an application URL, including parameters based on message content received
  • Create multiple sub-accounts for individual users to access Web-based features
  • Expandable to 32 Modem devices using our Serial-expander Network Appliance
  • Configurable Message Priorities
  • Configure 1 or more modem devices
  • Configurable individual Modem speed, send/receive ratio and time-outs
  • Configure message retry parameters
  • Complete message logs for sent and received messages
  • Configure polling intervals for individual processes
  • Assign message credit limit for sub-account users
  • Configure server auto-reply message
  • Configure sleep/wake time periods for individual queues
Message Routing
  • Route outgoing messages to specified modem device based on mobile country-code and number prefix
  • Assign processing priority of outgoing messages based on mobile country-code and number prefix
  • Assign processing priority of outgoing messages based on selected message queues
  • Set Priority Weighting between Queues as Absolute or Weighted Round Robin
Messaging Features
  • Support for very long concatenated messages
  • Support for multilingual messages
  • Complete redundancy setup with MySQL database server option (Available for Enterprise+ Edition only)
Modem Device
  • Option of USB or RS232/COM GSM modem